this is a shot from max and krista’s wedding that my brother mark fadely took. i did the post processing. i think the effect is lovely. i love the contrast of claire in her dress with the window air conditioner and her reflection in the window….i did a white vignette to keep the picture light and let the subject be kind of etherial.

the mass of this 10.4.12



When was I supposed to stop

Gather up the energies

In between this’s and that’s

Find somewhere the fluid motion

Is only the thing within me and

Not just

All the activity

Memory serves, memory serves

Well unknown

I look at the pattern on my dinner plate

So carefully painted on

Pleasing to the eye

But easily bypassed

Where do you find the tune

And find the time

To tune in

Chewing each bite carefully

As to savor the flavor

That is there


Lurking, impending discovery

Bliss or not

Sometimes I just want to rub my skin

Move all my parts

Feel it be alive

Because the cerebralness of it all

Breaks the all connected humanness down

So often to the point

Of screaming skin

And hair too

That wants let loose

Begging you to avoid the disaster

Wrecking ball of a mess

Internal calm, distant echoes

What in this is propelling me

Towards the destiny

Of a greater good

If not for

And but not

Every little thing

Meant something

Reason but for reason

Taking on the mass

Of this

from a long long time ago….



Another look


my life is amazed at the bill on the corner

when you turned out of line and stepped up the glance

at an interval on anytime of occasions

rendering on the way to new horizons

dawning at the edge of time

ticking by a passing gear

stopping a nose from smelling every sweet breath

binding the barrier

pink ribbons drip over taunting fry pans

quickly flipping a round flat plane

a pancake emerged

tossing and turning in all its might and glory

a militant muffled a soft puff of profanity protruding

in one thought of a shiftless merrily humming petticoat

clutching a lace pattern taken earlier from the table cloth

a metric melody

dismembering me selflessly

floating to where the air had gone

running to be free

butterfly flew away in hope of a lasting together

huddled in a sharp corner rounded only at the top

where it was to high to reach

so, now you know