Space 1/8/17

Space 1/8/17


Nobody would complain if we heard that one more time

Because it’s good. It’s really good

There’s no denying it

I just have the feeling sometimes that I think it’s time to move on

And I just can’t listen to it one more time

At least not right now

The pulling and the mourning

For things gone too fast

Only now living in the memory

Unable to put it to bed at last

But there are those times

When I played a song for an entire day

I wanted it to encapsulate every cell of my being

Swim in it

Or the times I counted when I walked

Just so I wouldn’t think

Because sometimes thinking is just too much

There is a dark hole between thinking and feeling

Or maybe 1000 doors

That may or may not be locked

Infinite variables, uncertain outcome

Grabbing my hand to run

Maybe you never thought of it

Never crossed your mind

Processing is so inherent and diverse

It is good though to be able and to stop

Catch your breath

Feel your breath

So, you can even hear the words when they come

Or hold the pen to write

Needing to make space and listen

Feel the rhythm of my own body

Finding my way in the universe


Listening’s 10/23/16


You can know anyone

The world is smaller and bigger

All at the same time

Where sometimes you must get in line

And others you must lead

Out into the sunshine

Or behind closed doors

I listen. I’m listening

Trying to feel my body again

Trying to find my mother

Who’s receding behind the curtain

In touch and out of touch

Operating from another place

Same face, different eyes

I’ll carry you there

I’ll remember. I know you

Listening’s. Listening to talking


Winding it up and down

Even though I can’t touch your hand

I can get to know you more everyday

Makes everything else fade away

Is the task important

The doing of it

The most simple process

That consumes

Not sure how to manage it

Does the tail in fact wag the dog?

Can it sleep or is it consumed in obsession?

What becomes you

How much of everything is everything

I’m finding tiny lines

And falling in huge cracks

Still me. Flowing

Feeling the same

In a river of my own destiny

Requesting permissions

And ready access

I build and reframe

But I remain intact

Humanly human

Softly, sweetly singing

What is only natural

And part of my eventual process

Sure, it is a circle

And not a straight line

Exploring the curves

To find my mind