A beautiful mind

Or my left foot

What ever it is

Residential pardon

Evangelical release

The intricate markings

Of a magical partnership

Yes indeed

I see the sun though your wings

As you carry on and on

Riding out to the everglades

Where the images abound

And surprises a-wait

Tunnel of love with you

In everything we do

No less than 2 in one

Yet never undone

Only better

Better undefined

Let alone

Left to be

No cages or context

Free like a bird

Hawk or crow

Knowing what they know

Always looking for an opportunity

For evolution

Or a chance to eat your prey

No control or controlled

Slip-stream spontaneity

If I move here

And you move there

Juxtaposition delicious

Unquestionable mood

Stark beginning that is

Way in the middle

Only you asked

Walking though a revolving door

Whispering the truth

And begging me to follow

Un-Estimated, undetermined, smooth

Just falling in

Sensing your skin

Like little explosions

Time to think

Awareness of being

I knew you were here

Still there like riding a bike

You know you knew

Riding this slow

So evidently filled

Wind moves though the pasture

Breathing in time

Caught hold of that

Break fast stillness and sound

The eventual destination succumbs

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