when ever when

debra fire and water_flat_words

When ever when 7/11/13


Feeling that same energy

Like your body is on fire

And everything is firing

But how long can that go on

Look me in the eyes and say that

The astral light beginning

To make a difference


Let’s see

I’ll just put my palms here

On my solar plexus

The sun comes up

The sun goes down

Falling back and still

Resisting routine

Which is obscene

As the same elements

Are a few only

Variables in sensed


Where in the outer space

Are you

There was a nice beginning

I was enjoying that

But I have no idea whatever

I or it will go on

Go to

Let’s put make up on

And get it on


Maybe the camera will see

Maybe it will just be me

I don’t know where it goes

But I want to monkey around

To the point of disillusion

What do you do with the perfect fit

Does it wear out

Does it wear you in

Slide them on

And for god sakes

Let them go

You know when ever when

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