cones and rods

Cones And Rods

Cones and Rods 1/28/14

Feeling the cones and rods
My magnificent symphony
Darks and lights
Pop color red

Want to reach my hands into it
Feel it, taste it, hear it
Full sensory engagement
This simple

Bits of information
So complex when broken down
One little bit of what it takes
Carry you forth from A to Z

Miles of evolution
Environmental extrusion
Perception interpreted
As my pen hits this page

Dripping back to the glass
As somehow documentation
Takes it away
Can the process be accounted for

As if for just one
Never is or was
Why would we be other wise
Hands upon hands upon hands

Feeling slightly
Staggering a bit
Falling face first
With the wind rushing
Not questioning it

She sits in my lap
My eyes met hers
Again and again
She believes in me

It’s always the same
Finding, remembering
The space I can go
Like being on the moon
And bringing home rocks

Hint of awareness
All resistance unlocked
Mind me self mattered
And the you self remained
Tying up ribbons
Repeating my name

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