so it’s been a while

writing here. right here. trying to access this whole expression thing. there are so many outlets now. and none of them are tactile. all cyber. it is fun to be able to reach lots of people. i guess. the whole thing is a bit baffling. i am asking myself constantly, what do i have to say. do i dig though the archives? post pictures, poetry. maybe i talk about my favorite things. i have no idea. i am inspired. i am living this. listening to earth wind and fire on beats right now. have you tried beats. it’s pretty cool. upgraded to iOS 8 on all devices. it’s so cool it’s creepy. i think there are a lot of fine lines with all this cyber/tech stuff. i love the possibility but there is a scary edge to it all. hey, have you looked at halloween costumes on urban outfitters site. omg. and they send the best emails. the gifs are so neat.
lastly, i am listening to marc maron all the time. i could need therapy. and that’s ok.
happy tuesday.
urban outfitters crow

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