Thunderstorms. I love them.


Thunderstorm 5.30.15

I love those days
Where everything’s moving
All at different times
Different directions
Symphony of energy
And everyone feels it
And is a part of it
It comes out of nowhere
It evaporates into nothingness
All of the senses are involved
Smelling, seeing, hearing, touching
Tilt your head up and open your mouth
For the tasting
Shared experience
The birds and you and everyone
The squirrel stays at the feeder
He doesn’t seem to mind
I think maybe it feels good
Natures bath
It’s nearly summer and everything’s drinking it up
Growing like crazy
I’m drinking that up
So much green
Must mean more oxygen
Long winter’s deprivation
Now satisfied
Symbiotic and whole
A part of life’s process
Feeling alive and part of everything else
Sometimes it calls to me
But it rarely gets in
Life’s schedule so impenetrable
Might have to practically knock me down
Put it’s finger to it’s lips and shhhhhh
Softly whispering hush, be still, keep quite you
Try that on for size will you
I dare not at any given moment
But today is different
I just sat down by the patio door
And waited
Petted the cat
Became silent and part of the process
Of something bigger than myself

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