Art and Crabs

Just like food can be art, pictures of food can also be art. It’s always amazing to me how many different ways there are to shoot food. Even if the dishes are similar you can create great variety by putting different objects in the composition. Sparsity and complexity can also be used as compositional methods. In this shot, I’ve used some cute little crabs that I got at the dime store and a painting I did in high school. Lighting can change things a lot. Evening light, morning light and midday light are all very different. Of course, the weather also plays a part. I like to use natural light whenever possible. I find that my go to meals are frittatas and veggie burgers. And I can make them 1000 different ways. This one was really delicious. Gluten-free seven grain bread, spicy pickles, spicy mayonnaise, arugula, quinoa and walnut veggie burger, portabella mushrooms, rosemary and sea salt, topped with sharp cheddar cheese and Hungarian paprika. I paired this with a nice red blend wine. Now I just need some dark chocolate. Lovely.

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