Late Nite Dinner

I hate it when I end up eating past 9:00. I should just skip it and have an apple. But there is something about sitting down and savoring good food and time that I can’t give up. I had a really long day. It was finish one job and go to the next. And then, I was bound and determined to exercise. If noting else. I knew everything would be better because of it. I used to swear by running. Said it kept me alive. It did. One can only be pulled so many ways though. The delicate balancing act we all try to navigate. Perfect. But there just can’t be everything all the time. So after all the must do’s I made this wonderful little variation of the stacked sandwich I often do. This time multi grain toast, spicy mayo, a sliced orange pepper, avocado, one egg frittata folded, topped with a thin slice of provolone, dill and sea salt. It was really good. I usually don’t leave the egg plain but I did this time. And layered everything underneath. What is also interesting about this was the one egg I used. Double yoke. That is so cool.

Double Yoke
Double Yoke
Late night dinner
Late night dinner

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