I made this painting in college. It was of a row of vending machines. It had an institutional green color in the background. Actually it was very good. I made a natural wood frame for it. Then sometime in the late 90’s at one of my painting parties my son max needed a canvas. I was not very attached to this one so I let it go. Max, as good an artist as he was and is, did not do a particularly good painting that night. He was probably around 8. So I have had it for a very long time since then. Doing nothing with it. It had this one spot in it that reminded me of a mickey mouse. In reworking the frame and canvas and painting over it all the ears have remained…or what looked like ears to me. I love this new one. The frame looks distressed and I tried out gel mediums and glazes for finishing. Settled on a glossy one. May give it another coat. First signature as Debra Fadely Raber too. A sure sign of good things to come. I love my sweet husband.

A rework of old work. Happy spot.
A rework of old work. Happy spot.

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