Stopping To Notice


vince and me

Stopping To Notice 12/1/15


All I had to do….was hear the first three notes

Transferred back. Taken back.

Every moment and words on your tongue

Stuck and begun

Within the deep recesses

How to touch that

What is that connection

Of everything and all of it

That ever meant anything

All the same thing

Resting in that quiet pool

That waits to be reawakened

Stirred and such




Blown away in the windy day

Out on a fall day

In the leaves you love so much

And the smell of what might become

Feeling the tension of what could not be

How do you know me

The soft inside

I couldn’t hide from you

Or anyone who asked nicely

I just wanted to know

A little bit of everything

And find a little bit of quite in my heart

Sometimes the compassion

Even though loosely aimed

Completely consumed my soul

Still does

Still does

Not sure how you get around it

Or if you even should

I think I need a little more wine

Fingers moving and I’m missing you

Missing everything I don’t do

Why I don’t find the space

For the only thing that was ever important

Keep it on the outside

With the everyday circle

Of endless and ever coming

Which in the end is all that really matters

What you did with the day to day

If you touched and held it

Or left it in the dark

I just wanted a little bit

Of my soul resting in that spot

Of the music

And the words and my heart

All one and the same

Maybe the sun is shining

Might be dark

But knowing that it all comes together

You feel, hear, know and be

How it is that you are here

I know

It’s every part of all and every year and moment I ever was at once


I sense it

Never, never, never,

Stop long enough to absorb it



And it’s ahhhh

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