BLESSED 7/30/16


All of it invaded every corner of your life

Maybe it was no invasion but only the thread holding it all together


Waiting for a moment of silence that never comes

Off the edge of the page and out into the wilderness


Perspective creates the freedom or the prison

I’m trying to find the pause amongst the chaos


Structure and sentiment, heartfelt investment

Do I really have anything to say? Media carnival


Finding the music. The paper and pen

Like I’ve heard said, the words will come. You have to be there to catch them


Over occupied and never alone

Endless bombardment of thoughts and images, a symphony of life in the background


How do you put your finger on it? At which point is it part of you?

Making it hard to find your voice


Trying to navigate, investigate and associate

Waiting for it to whisper in my ear


Laundry’s going down there and the floors still need to be cleaned

Somehow I just had to stop


That wheel can never let you go. But if not now, when?

Don’t hesitate, go. Sleepy devilish destination.


Relentless indecision coaxing fear and stagnation

Desperately trying to breathe in anywhere


One chance and it’s gone

How many years of continuance left you numb and less grateful


Now on the other side of half

Every and all, magnified and intense. I’m fleeting


Listening, catching the once in a lifetime

Ceaselessly knocking at my door


Never looking back with remorse and regret

I hold life’s moments dear and reach out being blessed

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