And The Train Rushes By

In One 10/12

Just thinking about these days

How life is so different

I don’t know what I imagined it would be

I suppose what you want and priorities might change

And they have

Days bleeding into nights and nights into days

Listening for a whisper

Dragging it in out of site

Imagining, rearranging

It does all make sense

I never expected it

And I suppose that’s good

Learning to know, where to go

Careful that the heart agrees

Choosing or being chosen.

Or letting it be

The intermingling of separate parts

Recognizable but new

The deeper understanding of you

Moving like a river now

With all it’s tiny pebbles, little fishes

Heavy stones, snakes and plants

Sometimes the sun shining though

Sometimes dark as night

Black and quiet

Frozen and cold

It always gives way though

To the growing and changing

Summertime’s of life

Unique and unintended miracle we are

More reasonably enriched

In and by the other

Some chance that each unfolds unto the other

A resounding dance

In and around a one

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