this, this when

cali debra

This, this when 11/30/12

What ever I had to say

It strikes me now

That maybe there wasn’t

Anything more

Than what I was feeling

Reaching out

And holding you close

As always


Some cellular structure

Simple and true

Eyes invited and more

Forgetting to breathe

Just to find my way back

The beginning and ending

All the same

This continuum

Part of my heart

Long and wide

Effortless forecasting

Of the fall storms

And a little change of weather

An example

Of another day of missing you

Simple sadness

Altogether gladness

Having had the chance

One couldn’t hope for more

Remembering what it was for

Sometimes my skin seems

Like that’s some good movin

Where was it

You were goin

Maybe you’re going to stand up

And take it all with you

I don’t know

Needing to wander

Wanting to wonder

If this isn’t it

Where is it I should go

No road map

No letter to the above

And no return address

This went from sweet to

Prone to run

And subtle suggestion

That’s ok

I’ll meet you next Friday

Every thereafter

Further until

This, this when


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