On the Subject 0f Squirrels

A funny thing happened. We have 2 tube bird feeders. Hanging from pole hangers stuck in the ground. We have a lot of birds, chipmunks and squirrels that come everyday and feast. As usual, the squirrels climb the pole and eat right off the feeder emptying our feeders in one day sometimes. Toooooo much. Well, this has gone on for some time and I know there are lots of squirrel proof feeders and all sorts of things to keep them out of the feeders. I think I just accepted it as a part of the process. Figured there’s not really much I can do about it. Until…last night. Kevin got this brilliant idea just before we went to bed. Let’s grease up the hanging poles. So we got out the vegetable oil and some paper towel and he went out and wiped them down. Today, he said they were trying everything to get up those poles, to no avail. Their little paws went as fast as they could and got nowhere. So, for one day at least, the birds still have some food left. Not sure how often we’ll have to reapply but I will tell you, this certainly worked.

Tonight’s dinner was really good. And I added a nice furry squirrel in the shot for fun. It is a veggie burger variation. Gluten free bread, spicy mayo, spicy sweet pickles, sour kraut, veggie burger, green beans, brie, cumin and spices. Yum. Oh yes, with a porter.

Mr. Squirrel joins me for Dinner
Mr. Squirrel joins me for Dinner
Mr. Squirrel and my veggie burger from a loft.

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