Our friend Vince is a furniture maker, wood worker, entrepreneur, poet, writer and inventor. We like to hang out at the Stutz where he and Kevin have their studios. I write poetry sometimes too and enjoy an exchange with Vince. I remember once when several people from work came down to the Stutz and we all ended up in Vince’s studio to listen to him recite some of his latest works. It just seemed natural to lie down on the floor in all the saw dust and wood shavings to further enhance my experience of taking in his words. He is so genuine and direct. And funny. I’m not sure how it started that he hung a huge psychopath banner in his studio to go with his psychopath t-shirt….but it fit and always makes us all laugh. When Kevin, Vince and I went out for First Friday this week, touring around to the different galleries, we noticed this neat building. It just seemed natural to put Vince in front of it to make a statement. Not sure what it says…but it certainly begs for a story. The color version of this is pretty cool but the black and white stops me in my tracks. Pretty amazing I took it with my iphone 6+. From there I duplicated it for tone mapping in Photomatix. Then took it into Photoshop for some burning and dodging. Lastly I used a Topaz filter and finished with a little more burning and dodging. I love the result.

Vince in his psychopath t-shirt
Vince in his psychopath t-shirt

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