Lucky 5/5/17


Maybe I got lucky

Maybe I got an edge

Don’t know if that means anything

Or if it helps me get along

What seems to mean something

Can be completely wrong

And you think you can count on it

Put your eggs in the basket

But the basket might be gone

For no reason

With no warning

Upside down

Your world

Or maybe the entire world

Is not listening any more

No symbiotic exchange

Dialog gone

Where were you anyway
Making sense

In-between exchanges

Feeling my way through this

Figuring out an accumulative effect

Of my family and friends

The atmosphere and the moon tonight

All of the rain lately

That I love so much

Feeding my disposition

But enough is enough

When the sun came out today

There was a golden glow

And a light happiness

I could not deny

The crucial fragility

Inside the dark and foreboding

Baby back inside

Inspire me, delight me

I’ll beckon you oh beguiling one

Out in the field or in the streets

Wayward winds changing

Pulling me towards my desire

Let’s see what develops

And see what song we’ll sing next

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