Everything’s Done

everything’s done 7/19/17


I heard Van Morrison playing

it reminded me of the woman

with 4 lovely children

that just had to get away

needed to be free

I can’t say I understood it

but somehow in my soul

I knew

you can’t reason someone else’s decision

you can only try to understand

but the look in their eyes

would never let me leave

even if I wandered a bit

I could never leave

best I know

more I understand

and see that I’m just listening

the best I can

some days are long and hard

but it was never supposed to be

a straight line

I’m trying to find a way

for the up and down

always around

coming and coming

not sure how to navigate

but no one is

as long as I have a hand to hold

I’ll be ok

as much as my heart might ache

my foot will meet the path

beginning again

over and over

slowly all the world

you have known

that which surrounds you

dissipates, disappears

one by one

loved and unloved

close and far away

every life’s beginnings


leaving you but never gone

resting here and there

and someday everything’s resting

you let out a sigh

close your eyes

and it’s done


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