Up And Coming

Saugatuck. Sunshine Junque.
Saugatuck. Sunshine Junque.

5/7/17 Up and Coming


They raised me up to be kind

I didn’t have a chance

Longing for the home place

Feeling the land in my soul

Lately, I find myself wondering how different life might be

Everything contributes to the composition

Perception and time

Where is the end-point

Measurements through life

I am so aware of every moment

Grateful and gracious

Encompassing the expense

Momentum and forward

Motion of energy

Now that you are older

I’ve moved along

My eyes see differently

My experience and what I remember changes

Reframing, redefining

Finding a way to embrace it all

And let it be what it is can be challenging

Do I know what I know or was it perception in my own head?

Is what is real discoverable

Does it matter

Essence and truth

Beings and the need to define

Not sure but that it is a continuous wheel

Turning, always the same

You just move around it

Just like Dorothy, it was always there

What you were looking for

How unsettled you have been

Trying to be somewhere you’re not

Or being someone you’re not

There may be too much obtrusion and intrusion

Confusing your constitution

If not loved and encouraged

Why would you even desire the moment

Your only longing is to fill the deficit


Are we born there

And depending on our circumstances

Our environment

The pendulum swings to and fro

I think if you feel whole you can find desire

If that desire is for balance

You can let the moment be

And let the definition be the creation of self

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