Mom 7/9/17


In the house where nothing sleeps

The ancestors call

There’s something in every corner

That you no longer recognize

Should I be shocked

How do I console

Maybe there is a bridge here somewhere

A guide I could follow

Or cave in which I could hide

No rules apply

And every day it is sink or swim

How do I know you now

You who I have known so well

You who swim in my cells

And reflect in my eyes

A natural process

Familiarizing with an unknown being

History, intellect…All Frenetic

But alas we must find calm

Tornado calm

Pieces of all our lives in disarray

Noting more disorienting

To not understand practical reality

Somehow, I must offer my hand

And calm your fears

Even though it is not alright

Everything’s alright

And we’re here and you’re there

Pathways diverged, compromised, unfolding

Of all the never wanted blessed truth

You are more of what you always were

Good and bad

No judgement

Valuation, subtraction

I lead now, you follow

Even though you question my path

You are somewhere else

And everywhere you have ever been

All at the same time

Heaven don’t let me lose my mind

And let me be a piece of mind for you

Who are my dear one

My lovely Mom

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