The world is a little less of a place without you

As it would be

As it should be

Everyone’s a little more gone everyday

Brightly back around

Without sound or motion

Extreme reflection

How do those paths change

The asks

The tells

Where they went

Was where they would always go

And there were bright children sitting there

There were steely blue eyes

And a forgiving heart

A whimsical heart

Dancing in the wind

Feeling that

Finding the time to be receptive

Never knowing what to expect

But wanting to be ready to catch

You know

Planes of existence




Digging my way out


Just to lay beside you

I thought I knew you

The little part of life that you gave me

And that was just a small part of what was

Moving forward

How to without you

Anchor and trajectory all at the same time

No matter what

At any moment

All of everything of me and you


And forever

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